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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our Cleaning, Oiling, & Inspection Process so different?

We start by function testing your gun. It is then completely disassembled, not just field stripped, and soaked in our propriety solution to remove the old grease, oil, dirt, and powder residue. It is then scrubbed and rinsed. The bore and chamber are power honed to clean out deeply embedded fouling. Next, the chamber is honed. This process removes rust from the bore and chamber and helps proper action function and lessens fouling in the future. Some of the metal parts that are in the white are then polished in order to restore their beauty. We then remove the surface rust on the inside as well as the outside. It is rinsed again in our special solution. Then it is bathed in an anti-corrosion rust inhibitor oil for up to 45 minutes. It is taken out of the bath and allowed to drain. The excess oil is blown out and a wipe down is done to remove excess oil. The inspection process and measuring of parts to the manufacturers' specifications is done when applicable. We then start doing minor touch-up cold bluing. The gun is re-assembled and function tested for proper operation and safety. A final wipe down with another rust preventative is applied to the outside to give long lasting protection and a beautiful luster. We expend 2.5 hours of labor to clean your gun. Don't be fooled by cheap, fake, "feel good" cleanings.

Click here to see our gun cleaning process.

Why choose a professional gunsmith?

When you use a school trained professional with experience, your gun will be serviced within the specifications of the manufacturer. It will be serviced correctly and the safety of the shooter will be foremost. While minor repairs, cleaning, and scope mounting may be done in many local sporting goods stores; it is very likely that it has been done incorrectly. In order for a firearm to be properly serviced, it must be completely stripped all the way, not just field stripped. It must be inspected by a trained gunsmith and an anti-corrosion treatment must be applied after a thorough proper cleaning; not just a brush run thru the bore and a spray can degreaser. Firearm servicing is not done with a gun cradle and bore brush sitting on a counter-top at the local bait & tackle or sporting goods store. The guy behind the counter at the local bait & tackle may say he cleans guns; but he, in fact, does nothing more than you can do at home. He also lacks the expertise to inspect what may be wrong with your gun. He also does not have the knowledge or the ability and tools for complete dis-assembly. For him, ignorance is bliss! Don't be fooled by cheap cleanings. Do you want to risk your life or the hunt-of-a-lifetime on the guy-behind-the-counter of your local bait & tackle sporting goods store?

When your gun needs anything more than a cleaning, most bait & tackle, sporting goods stores send your gun out to someone else who may not have any training and is working out of his/her garage or shed. (I am not saying that some very good professional gunsmiths do not work at home or in their garage or shed.) In fact, some stores even send their work out
for repair to people who do not have the proper Federal Firearms License permitting them to do repairs. This is a violation of federal law and may make your gun subject to confiscation and never returned to you. In most cases, they do not have a qualified trained gunsmith in there store. In effect, they become a middle man adding in their cut to the cost of the repair. You, as the customer, have been left with no access to discuss your gun issues and/or concerns with a trained gunsmith. A gunsmith has no vested interest in selling you a bigger scope or ammunition or something you don't need just to make a dollar. The gunsmith is not a sporting goods store. The gunsmith wants your gun to perform perfectly and safely. The gunsmith has pride in his work. He earns his satisfaction by making you happy. Working directly with a local gunsmith will usually speed up the turnaround time. If a problem arises after you pickup your gun from a sporting goods store you will be in line waiting again to get your gun to whomever did the work the first time. More delays for you. If you go directly to a gunsmith shop this can most likely be avoided. He will get to know what works for you and your gun and can provide many more services to you. It is one stop service for you. Get your information from the person who will be doing the work, not second hand.

If you must go into the local bait & tackle sporting goods store and ask for work to be done, ask for the qualifications of the guy doing your work. He likely has none; same as you. He can do no more for you than you could do for yourself. Don't let the salesman behind the counter tell you he is a gunsmith.
Ask for his credentials. Gunsmiths do not have time to stock shelves or stand at a counter and sell guns. A professional gunsmith is a Vo-Tech graduate of an accredited gunsmithing program - a skilled machinist and craftsman and, or has at least 10+ years working full-time as a gunsmith in a gunsmith shop, not behind the counter of a sporting goods store. Many professional gunsmiths also have additional factory training. Don't rely on the sporting goods stores to service your firearm correctly. Only a professional gunsmith can truly provide a full line of services for the shooter.

Why choose a tactical shotgun when you could use an AR 15 or other Tactical rifle?

Patrol officers are carrying AR-type rifles in their squad cars; but are discovering that, if setup properly, a 12 ga. shotgun can deliver a 300 grain slug with combat accuracy up to 100 yards with devastating results. This can be achieved while carrying munitions that range from buckshot to breeching rounds, less lethal, and tear gas, all with the same weapon. Many options exist with the shotgun that you cannot get with a rifle. The bottom line is that the shotgun has proven itself to be the most intimidating, effective, and versatile of any weapon deployed in an urban environment. The 12 ga. #00 buckshot round contains (9) .33 caliber lead balls. That is the same as being hit with 9 single traditional rifle or handgun projectiles at one time. You cannot fire a rifle or a handgun, but one shot at a time; so it makes it impossible to deliver the equivalent firepower from a rifle or handgun. Another thing to remember is that most encounters, that will require the use of deadly force, occur at distances of less than 21 feet; and many times, it is closer. If you use deadly force at distances must further away than this, you may be unable to prove in court that deadly force was needed. It becomes a fine line.

Do you work on the AR-15 platform or AK-47?

Yes, we do repair and upgrades to the AR-15. We do some work on the AK-47.

Do you work on any type of imported military type firearms?

We work mainly on hunting, target shooting, or tactical shotguns, rifles, pistols, and revolvers. We do not work on race guns or specialty type competition guns; i.e. Perazzi shotguns, etc.

Do you work on guns for Cowboy Action shooting?

We do and look forward to serving this growing shooting sport. We do some action work on revolvers for this sport and repair the lever guns as well. We do not necessarily do a historically accurate restoration.

Do you checker stocks or do engraving?

No, however, we can refer you to a fine stock maker or engraver for this service.

Do you do all the work in you own shop?

We do the majority. However, we occasionally come across firearms or requests for which we do not have the needed equipment or expertise. We then turn them over to another experienced professional gunsmith for their expertise. It is our goal to provide you with the finest in gunsmith services.

Are you a full-time gunsmith?

Yes, this is our profession. We are not hobbyists. Our shop employes only school trained certified gunsmiths with at least 5+ years experience.

Do you adjust stocks?

We only adjust the length of pull and drop at the comb as well as pitch. We can do a fitting in our shop with you. Other type adjustments to stocks require very specialized individual fitting sessions that we cannot provide.

Do you customize 1911 pistols?

Yes, we can repair,refinish, troubleshoot malfunctions and upgrade or install sights and accessories.

Do you install adjustable combs or adjustable butt-pads?

Not at this time.

How long does it take to get my gun serviced?

Time for service is generally 1 day to 3 weeks. Depending on the work. You may be able to wait for your gun to be serviced if our workload permits.

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