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Tactical Shotgun Conversion

Remington 870, 1100, 11-87 12 ga. Tactical Conversion

Using a shotgun that you supply for conversion, we will completely restore it and convert it with the accessories of your choice. It is up to you to let your ideas create what you want for your tactical shotgun. You can also order the accessories and do it yourself!

What We Will Do When We Receive Your Shotgun For Conversion

We will completely strip the gun and clean it in a special cleaner to remove all the old grease, oil, and dirt. The existing parts will be inspected for wear and function. If any metalwork is to be done, such as barrel shortening, back boring, forcing cone lengthening, porting, bore polishing, and chamber lengthening; it will occur at this time. If it is going to be re-finished by re-bluing or using a durable, rust-resistant spray-on finish, it will be bead blasted to bare metal. This will insure removal of all the underlying rust and provide a good, clean surface for adhesion of the new finish. It will then be re-finished in the color and finish of your choice. After re-finishing, the accessories will be added, the shotgun oiled, and live fire function and pattern tested.

A complete restoration of your firearm includes the metal refinishing only; no wood refinishing or stock repair is included. If we are doing a complete restoration of your firearm, we do not charge for the installation of the accessories you purchase from us. We only charge for the cost of the restoration. This is for tactical shotgun conversions and restorations only. Please see our price list for tactical shotgun restoration.

We do not sell inferior accessories. The accessories listed below represent the finest money can buy from manufacturers with years of production experience. Many of these items are approved by federal, military, and state governments for their tactical shotguns in use today. They are the most rugged and reliable components produced and are battle proven. Would you want less than the best for your protection? We can provide other manufacturers that are cheaper; however, the below listed items are what we know to be the finest and most reliably made.

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