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Our Gun Cleaning Process

Browning A5 Disassembled and Ready for Cleaning

Years of Grease Build Up Can Not Be Removed Without Complete Disassembly.

Winchester Model 88 Lever & Bolt Disassembled for Cleaning

Ready for the Tank

Into the Tank

Winchester 88 Receiver & Barrel

Rinse Bath

Rinse Bath

Water Displacement, Oil, & Preservative Bath
This is NOT WD-40. We Do Not Recommend and/or Use WD-40 on Any Firearms.

Bore Scope Inspection


Final Assembly & Function Testing

What makes our Cleaning, Oiling, & Inspection Process so different?

We start by function testing your gun. It is then completely disassembled, not just field stripped, and soaked in our propriety solution to remove the old grease, oil, dirt, and powder residue. It is then scrubbed and rinsed. The bore and chamber are power honed to clean out deeply embedded fouling. Next, the chamber is honed. This process removes rust from the bore and chamber and helps proper action function and lessens fouling in the future. Some of the metal parts that are in the white are then polished in order to restore their beauty. We then remove the surface rust on the inside as well as the outside. It is rinsed again in our special solution. Then it is bathed in an anti-corrosion rust inhibitor oil for up to 45 minutes. It is taken out of the bath and allowed to drain. The excess oil is blown out and a wipe down is done to remove excess oil. The inspection process and measuring of parts to the manufacturers' specifications is done when applicable. We then start doing minor touch-up cold bluing. The gun is re-assembled and function tested for proper operation and safety. A final wipe down with another rust preventative is applied to the outside to give long lasting protection and a beautiful luster. We expend 2.5 hours of labor to clean your gun. Don't be fooled by cheap, fake, "feel good" cleanings.

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